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Air Conditioning Service

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At Air Excel Heating & Cooling we understand how a broken air conditioner can impact all aspects of your comfort. Our trained AC repair technicians are the best in the region and will examine, evaluate and identify your AC repair needs quickly. We also understand that air conditioner repair costs are important to your piece of mind and your household budget! That is why we work to keep your cost for air conditioner repair service at some of the lowest prices in the area.

Some of the more common problems for air conditioners creating a need for air conditioning service is:

• Age of Unit • Faulty / Corroded wires • Low refrigerant • Frozen Inside coil

• Faulty Capacitor • Freon Leak • Broken thermostat • Sensor failure

• Improper drainage • Installation error • Electrical load failure

• Undersize unit for area ​

As with all things, this is just a sampling of the many things that can break down your heating and air conditioning unit and place your comfort in need of an air conditioning repair expert.